Our Chairman – Mr Lin Cheng-Yu

Our Chairman Mr Lin Cheng-Yu has extensive financial advisory experience in cross-border advisory in many industries including renewable energy resources. He also has the working knowledge of the Biomass Power plant business and of the maritime logistics. Having involved in the trade relations with Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan & Taiwan market for more than 10 years, he saw the huge potential for Biomass related products especially Palm Kernel Shell in Japan market. The large number of biomass power plants built, automatically also requires a lot of fuel supply, so it can be imagined the need and competition to get the supply of the PKS. Through his past experience, he is able to contribute his in depth knowledge for the Power Plants business in Japan. Plus with his strong business network, he is able to establish a strong marketing team in Japan to support Japan’s renewables initiative, particularly the increasing huge demands for biomass energy commodities for its Power Plant Generation.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Mr Steven Eng

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Steven Eng started trading in 2005 for commodity such as iron ore, coal, aluminium in Indonesia & Malaysia. It was in year 2006 where he first got to know the aspect of Palm Kernel Shell. Thru one of his business associate, he began to enter PKS industry in Indonesia & Malaysia. In the early days, he only provides PKS to the local market in Thailand and Malaysia. However, with the increasing demand for the PKS market, he has decided to further expand to other region such as Taiwan together with our Chairman Mr Lin. When he first started PKS, the quality of PKS is not always good especially problem with the contamination and impurities of PKS. There are too much waste such as mud, stones, wood, iron and other debris. In order to provide better quality to customers, he began to study ways to reduce the contamination & impurity of PKS. Over time, he has successfully reduced the impurities content and managed to provide high quality Palm Kernel Shell to Taiwan market. With his vast experiencing in controlling the contamination & impurities of PKS, we are confident of providing high quality PKS to Japan, Korea & European markets.

Our Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Mr Walter Sim

Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr Walter Sim first started trading in Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) & Wood Chips in year 2009. It was through one of his Thailand business associate, he began supply Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) to Thailand market from Indonesia. Over the years, he has successfully loaded up Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) from Pekanbaru, Padang, Dumai, Jambi, Bengkulu, Pontianak, Samarinda & Kalimantan in Indonesia. He has also identified list of Palm Oil Mills (POM) across Indonesia that are able to provide cleaner PKS in huge quantities. He has the ability to partner with ISPO (Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil) & RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified plantations across Indonesia to deliver eco-friendly, sustainable, and green energy solutions from Biomass, such as Palm Kernel Shell, Woodchips & Wood Pellet upon request. With the increasing huge demands from Japan, Korea & European market for high quality Palm Kernel Shell, he has established a pool of local appointed agents across Indonesia & Malaysia. These appointed agents all comes with full Indoor stockpiles and completed with full screening machines to ensure that our Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) are free from contaminations so that we can provide consistently high-quality Biomass products and supply to our clients.